#empatbelas2023 x TM

For the past 2 years, APOM has been working with designers, illustrators, artists etc. on #empatbelas2021 and #empatbelas2022. This year APOM is inspired to collaborate with the creative writing platform, by having everyday Malaysians come up with creative pantuns.

This year #empatbelas2023 will be collaborating with 14 ‘sasterawans’, 1 from each state in Malaysia, who will be composing an 4-kerat (4 lines) pantun about their home state. APOM will then adapt the pantun onto merchandise designs.
The selected pantuns for the #empatbelas2023 will need to show what makes the
participant proud of their home state in an 4-kerat pantun (4 lines) and at the same time incorporating ‘Manglish’. APOM continues to put out ideas to present the country in a new light. Besides promoting state pride, #empatbelas2023 allows many talented Malaysians to showcase their creative potential.

This year TM has also come on-board as a collaborator to support local talents, with #Empatbelas2023 sharing the same synergy as TM's Bulan Kebangsaan campaign – AIDENTITI™ KITA. Reflecting on TM’s mission to bring new technologies to everyday Malaysians, the campaign showcases the country’s people and traditions through a unique digital perspective, and inclusive on-ground engagements where communitiesfrom all walks of life can experience AI up close.

The campaign debuts with Malaysia’s first Bulan Kebangsaan Generative AI music video that translates the nation’s rich culture and heritage into captivating digital art, scenes using text prompts, and features the talents of MK (K-Clique), Suki Low and Balan Kash.

  These are the products for the campaign.



The 'Sasterawans' also film the recitation of their pantun. You can watch the videos on our Instagram (apom.my).