Chinese New Year


Gear up for a festive fiesta that's more happening than a mamak on a Friday night. "The Long Says..." is not just a collection, it's a Malaysian slang party that's ready to make your Chinese New Year celebrations more lit than a firecracker! Get ready to unleash the roars of laughter as we introduce our collection that's not just cool; it's ong lah!

There are 5 fun Malaysians slangs, confirm you familiar!

  1. Bao Ga Liao
  2. Sap Sap Sui
  3. Mou Man Tai
  4. Ngam Ngam Ho
  5. Cheong Hei

This gempak collection features 3 designs of tshirts and 5 designs of angpows yang cun cun! Confirm you suka punya. The more you tengok, the more you want to tapau semua!

May your Year of the Dragon be filled with laughter, prosperity, and the kind of joy that makes you go, "Wah, so syiok!" ūüźĺūüėā‚ú®

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