Malaysians' Lepak Place!

Lepak mana?
'Mamak lah'
This is always the most common conversation you will heard among Malaysians. 
Because MAMAK is life!!
To those who are not familiar with the term 'MAMAK'- it is actually referring to 'Indian Muslim Restaurant' 
Confirm HALAL! (no pork, no pork)
Mamak is not only a restaurant, but the best gathering place for anything la! 
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, school gathering, you name it!
Walao! Wait until 'World Cup' season! Fuyoh, need to go 'Chup' the table ok?
Nah, like this la, World cup season

Talking about Mamak, of course the food is comfort food la.
Those who ask for menu at mamak, confirm tourist or orang atas :P
Here, some common food at mamak:- roti canai, briyani, maggi goreng and etc.
You name it, the 'aneh' will make it for you lah. 

*drools* Dont la tengok during working hours
Eh eh! Mamak also got 'buffet' ok? But just the nasi and vege la! 
Order a 'Banana Leaf Rice', you'll be full till dinner time!
The best thing is you would need to eat with your hand la, then you get the feeling of 'finger lickin good'. 
Banana Leaf Rice is a must la
To those who are not Malaysian, we highly recommend to try our unique taste and culture at any mamak near you.

 Need kaki to lepak at mamak, just APOM us la!