Four Seasons in Malaysia

Most countries has four seasons in a year. 
Malaysia too has 4 seasons
1-  Musim Panas
2- Musim Hujan,
3- Musim No traffic Jam
4- Musim WORLD CUP!
Every four years, the World Cup season comes and go. 
This is when you can see all kinds of football fan la.
Walao! This is call 'World Cup' la. 
IF only Malaysia made to the world cup
This is the season when you see MAMAKs are fully booked wei!

Game starts at 8pm, already 'Chup' table at 7pm 
Spending time in mamak also call social life mah.
But this season shows the unity of Malaysian la as Geng Malaysia. 
This is what makes us unique and proud to be a Malaysian.
Signing off,