A Better Malaysia by Design

With 60 years of 1 govt rule. Not only has the country stopped progressing, but government communication design has not been spared. After all what the govt puts out, is a representation of the country and its standards.

Even up until last year our tourism design and the logo for Kuala Lumpur looked like it was taken from a page in the 80s. And some even said, it was done in Microsoft PowerPoint!!  Malaysians have also said it looked hideous and created free designs online to prove we could do better. We saw the state of Malaysia souvenirs and gifts also looking like it was stuck in an era with a lack of creativity and uniqueness.

But with all things that stop progression, good things can come from it.

The brainchild of Apom was a question we asked ourselves. If we could be proud to wear something completely Malaysian. And could we push Malaysian design, souvenirs and gifts further, and make it more unique. Something both Malaysians and tourist would be proud to wear or bring home to their country?

We looked at the unique culture of Malaysia and what we could turn into statement tees gifts and products that people would proudly don.

APOM or A piece of Malaysia was formed.

This would be the one shop for all interesting Malaysian made products that you can find. Malaysian Slangs, Quirky Tees, interesting Malaysian designed products. No horn-bills, typical KLCC or I Heart Malaysia Tees here.

We look to be the Catalyst for pushing Malaysian designed products and creating our own unique identity that we will be proud to showcase.

And with the new Malaysia comes a new Harapan that we hope will pave the way for more exciting and interesting products for the future.


Signing off:-