#empatbelas is a collaboration project by APOM to celebrate the 14 states as a piece of Malaysia through curated merchandise by APOM designed by 14 local designers each representing their home state.
As we sit quarantined in our homes, be it most up north or most far east of Malaysia; as we lose count of the days, “Rabu ke hari ni?”, struggle to balance our businesses our jobs, trying to make ends meet, praying for the friend, the relative, the fellow Malaysian we know that is battling with Covid; as we try to wrap our heads around the NRP, the SOPs, the PKPPs...

Let us not forget our country.

Together with 14 other designers, each one originated from the 14 different states of Malaysia, we embarked on a collaborative project with a series of merchandise, reminding Malaysians the land under our feet, tanah airku we are so looking forward to explore when things get better! We present to you



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